The Farm

Veganville allows volunteers and visitors to help out with projects and  get introduced to our rescued animals as an opportunity to learn about the modern day agribusiness and its effects on the animals, our health as humans and the impact on our environment. Veganville promotes a cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable vegan lifestyle and incorporates this in our outreach and education program with cooking classes and community gardening. Veganville aspires to be an example of permaculture and sustainable farming.

Veganville is a special farm which allows visitors to spend hours, days or even weeks on the farm to learn how they can have an impact on every level with the animals. We are hoping to build a campground on site with cabin rentals, a vegan cafe and a Bed & Breakfast in the future. 

At the heart of Veganville’s mission is rescuing animals and our interactive outreach and education program that is promoted on the property and also within the community, educating schools and the public on sustainable farming and how to reduce the effects of factory farming on our health, the suffering of animals and the environment.

Veganville is not open to the public currently but we do organize monthly volunteer days and events.  You can schedule a tour of the property by contacting us at


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