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We are currently looking for 3-5 consistent volunteers that can commit to 1-4 Sundays a month from 10am-2pm. Tasks include barn cleaning, poop scooping, food prep, water changes, special projects and animal grooming/socialization. For safety reasons, we are only accepting applicants aged 18 and older. You can apply here if interested.

Veganville is a host farm on WWOOF-USA  if you are looking to volunteer for an extended period of time on-site.


Visitors, or ‘WWOOFers’, spend about half a day helping out on a host farm, learn about the organic movement and sustainable agriculture, and receive room and board during their visit – with no money exchanged between hosts and WWOOFers. WWOOF is an educational and cultural exchange program. WWOOFing is a way to learn practical farming skills, be part of the organic agriculture movement, and experience the heart of American agrarian culture.

The WWOOF-USA® Host Farm Directory lists 2,153 organic farms (not necessarily USDA certified organic) and gardens across the country. Any farm, community or garden project using organic methods that would like to participate in a cultural and educational exchange may join the program.

The program is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, regardless of experience. WWOOF-USA® membership is valid for one year from the day it is purchased. We encourage all types of WWOOFers and hosts who would like to work together to strengthen sustainable agriculture to be a part of WWOOF-USA®.

WWOOF farms offer a variety of educational opportunities, including growing vegetables, keeping bees, building straw bale houses, working with animals, making wine, and much more. With farms in all 50 states, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, there is something for everyone.

At the heart of Veganville’s mission is rescuing animals and our interactive outreach and education program that is promoted on the property and also within the community, educating schools and the public on the effects of factory farming and how a vegan lifestyle benefits everyone. We would love your help!

Ways to support Veganville:

  • Donate Here
  • Volunteer your time at the farm.
  • Spread the word about Veganville by sharing Facebook posts and/or passing out brochures.
  • Donate resources such as essential farm tools/equipment.
  • Purchase needed items from our Amazon Wishlist
  • Utilize Capital One Shopping, a free tool to shop for items at a discount while supporting Veganville.
  • Any feedback or ideas are always welcome as well.

Please contact us with any questions on how to get involved.

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