Veganville welcomed a pair of love chickens late this year. Zeus, a 4-5 year old ex fighting rooster and Demeter, a 2-3 year old hen. Both were rescued from a fighting bust by local sanctuaries.  We don’t know the details of how they were treated but it’s evident that Zeus had lived a very isolated and lonely life. We quickly wanted to show him there was more to life when it’s shared with another so we introduced Demeter to him shortly after his arrival. The pair fell in love instantly and have been enjoying their lives together.

Both Zeus and Demeter are a very old breed; Red Jungle-fowl. It’s a very healthy breed and have a life span of 30 years! 

Zeus is sweet, smart, curious and fierce. He’s simply gorgeous and we just love hearing his crows in the morning. Demeter is quiet, graceful and confident. They are a lifetime bonded couple now that will live out their hopefully long days here on Veganville.

Demeter & Zeus

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