A goal for the Veganville property is to be a permaculture example of sustainable organic farming. Permaculture is the development of an agricultural ecosystem that is sustainable with the greatest amount of self-reliance for any given area, property, or community.

Veganville Design
Veganville Property Design

To begin achieving this, Veganville is having the land surveyed, applying for a Fruit Orchard Grant and implementing fund-raising for fencing the perimeter, animal enclosures, and garden plot.

Example of Permaculture Orchard

With 36,770,958.98 gallons per year of rainwater collection potential annually, nitrogen rich soil, located in USDA Zone 8a, and solar/wind energy source capabilities, Veganville has a unique opportunity to utilize the land to it’s maximum potential.

Good land management requires a beneficial relationship with the local ecosystems. For Veganville, this includes keeping part of the property wild.With over 20 endangered species in the area, Veganville is committed to preserving a wildlife conservation area on the property.On January 17, 2018, Veganville became a Certified Wildlife Habitat® with the National Wildlife Federation and the Oregon Association of Northwest Steelheaders.



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