The Sanctuary

Nestled on eleven acres in Elsie (Seaside) Oregon, Veganville open its’ gates for visitors to get hands on experience in compassionate animal care and organic permaculture farming practices, giving the opportunity to learn about the modern day agribusiness and its effects on the animals, our health as humans and the impact on our environment. Veganville promotes a cruelty free and environmentally sustainable vegan lifestyle and incorporates this in our outreach and education program with cooking classes, community gardening and compassionate animal care. Veganville is a special farm which allows visitors to spend hours, days or even weeks on the farm. This creates an opportunity to make an impact at every level with the animals, sustainable living, permaculture practices and organic farming. Long term volunteers can look up more information on getting involved at

At the heart of Veganville’s mission is rescuing animals and our interactive outreach and education program that is promoted on the property and also within the community; educating schools and the public on the effects of modern agriculture and how a vegan lifestyle can reverse the damage made to our environment, our health and save animals. Veganville’s future goals are vast. With RV hookups on the property that are rented out to anyone wanting to park their RV or tiny house long term. We are looking into yurt rentals, a campground, vegan café and more. Spa? Lodge? The opportunities are endless for Veganville. Veganville is not currently open to the public but volunteer opportunities can be arranged:


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