2021 Sanctuary Happenings


Veganville welcomed five new residents in 2021 and one new resident so far in 2022!

In February of last year, we received a request to take in a 4H fail project pig, Pistachio. Pistachio is a 500 pound Yorkshire pig. She was intended to be raised for food but instead, stole the hearts of all around her and a forever home was needed for her. She arrived to Veganville and quickly stole our hearts as well. She is 500 pounds of pure love and we are so happy to have her at Veganville.

In March of last year, we lost our beloved ewe Fred. She was having incontrollable seizures due to her pancreas not producing enough insulin. This was the first case of this ever seen in sheep at OSU so we hope that Fred’s case helps other sheep that may come across this medical issue. She is missed terribly.

We didn’t want Harry, our other sheep to be the lone sheep for long so we welcome two sheep wethers, Rupert and Radcliffe in April. Rupert and Radcliffe were saved as day old lambs from a sheep farm, bottle fed and cared for by another sanctuary. They still even have their beautiful tails! Rupert and Radcliffe love humans and are the first to welcome volunteers and visitors of the sanctuary. Harry loves his new sheep buddies and you can see them all frolicking happily together daily. 

In August of last year, we received a request to take on a couple of FFA (Future Farmers of America) white breasted turkeys. Very similar to Pistachio’s case, the birds did not make it to the intended Thanksgiving plate and we were happy to call Veganville their forever home. Annabelle and Coquette are very intelligent, curious, affectionate and sentient souls who have settled in and love attention from volunteers and visitors.

In December, we were informed of an unfortunate event that left dozens of animals needing a home as their caretaker passed away from cancer. One of the animals was a llama named Brigs and we jumped on the opportunity to take him in. Brigs arrived in early January of this year. He is an older gentleman who bonded quickly with our goat and sheep residents. He came underweight and weak but is now hopping around the sanctuary in bliss with his adopted flock.

We have big projects for 2022 including the creation of new pastures so the residents can rotate and we can control the health of the land better. We planted our Orchard in 2019 with visions of it becoming a food forest. With 2020 and 2021 having limited volunteers and guests to the sanctuary, we have been having to put off this important project. The food forest will not only feed our residents, it will also attract pollinators and deter bugs like flies and mosquitos. Each plant in the food forest is designed to work together with little maintenance, disease or fertilizer. It will become a template for anyone to be able to created in their own backyards!

Veganville is also starting up in person events again this year!

We are planning on Bake Sales this year as well as some camp out events on the property including the annual Perseids Meteor shower in August.

You can help with the care of our residents and our projects for this year by donating to Veganville today!

Thank you and we wish you all a very happy and healthy 2022!

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