2019-The Year of Progress @VeganvilleOregon

Wow! I just can’t believe how much progress was made this year on Veganville! With eleven wild lush acres purchased in the North Oregon Coastal Mountain region in 2016, the task of getting it under control and ready for animals was a bit overwhelming. There were no enclosures built, the land was littered and overgrown with invasive plant species and it was just one person with a dream that was going to tackle it.

In March, we hosted Jazz funk band Moon Hooch along with 45 volunteers and broke ground and planted an apple and pear orchard. This orchard will someday expand into a diverse food forest that will help feed us, the animals and the community.

Wenzl McGowen of Moon Hooch using the Broadfork

Veganville hosted volunteers from around the country and around the world. It was our second year hosting alternative spring breakers from Colorado State University to finish up planting trees and enclosing the orchard. It was our fourth year hosting volunteers from WWoofusa who helped with animal care, events and perimeter fencing and gate installation.

CSU Alternative Spring Break 2019

We raised funding for a horse trailer so we can safely transport animals in case of emergency. We were also able to raise funds to build a barn for goats and sheep.

It was busy year for incoming new residents! Paris and Pascal, sister pigs came in February. Pumba, another pig was rescued in July. Zeus, our first rooster came in September followed by his girlfriend, Demeter in November. By Christmas, we were able to welcome Fred, a sheep with Ron and George, sibling Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated money, time, hard labor and love to Veganville this year. I couldn’t do it without your support and I am so very thankful.

For 2020, we will be focusing on expanding the food orchard and partnering with the community educating on organic farming and permaculture practices. This is an important facet of Veganville’s mission as health and environmental consciousness is just as important as rescuing animals. Going vegan helps animals, but it also helps our own health and the fragile environment around us. Veganville is the perfect platform to use as an example in hopes we can make an impact on the future of our planet. Please consider donating to help continue our progress in 2020.

One Comment on “2019-The Year of Progress @VeganvilleOregon

  1. Guys, you are doing a really good job! Organic, suistanable farming is, definitely, the way to go! We are going on a road trip around coastal Oregon this summer, so I randomly stumbled upon your webpage but I still found your article very… ummm….. relevant! 🙂


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