Veganville Welcomes “The Weasleys”

Veganville was able to fund-raise in 2019 for a sheep and goat barn which was constructed in late November. We were able to then rescue Fred a female Suffolk Ewe and a couple of baby 5 month old Nigerian Dwarf Goats, George and Ron. You can help fund the care of Fred, George and Ron here.

Fred (Ewe), George and Ron

Fred was found wandering alone in a rural area of Tillamook. She was weak, hungry, malnourished and her wool was overgrown. She had ear-tags, one of which had the name “Fred” written on it. It wasn’t until she was sheered that it became obvious that Fred was a female. Fred has spent the last 18 months being rehabilitated and waiting for Veganville to have the means to take her in permanently. Fred is very smart and emotionally complex but also very timid and shy. It will take her some time to feel comfortable and learn to trust but we are patient and will respect however long it takes.


Because Ewe’s do better with a herd, she bonded with two young Nigerian Dwarf goats, George and Ron. George and Ron came from a breeder who could no longer care for the goats they bred. Theses three will now live out their days on Veganville together with their pig friends. We are so happy to have “The Weasleys” here.

George & Ron

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