Welcome Zeus & Demeter!

In September of this year, Veganville was able to take in a gorgeous gamecock who was rescued from a cock fighting bust. He had spent most of his life in isolation from other chickens. When he arrived, he just seemed so lonely. It was recommended to introduce him to a hen of his own breed.


In November, we introduced Demeter and the pair hit it off right from the start. Since then, they eat sleep and forage together and have formed a beautiful bond.

Zeus & Demeter

Both birds are Red Junglefowl, which is very old breed that was domesticated over 5,000 years ago. There is evidence that this breed was the original chicken breed found in the Pacific at 3,000 BC! This is a very healthy and long living breed with a possible lifespan of thirty years! We look forward to being the home for Zeus and Demeter for a long long time.

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