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Veganville 2022

This year was such a whirlwind, it’s hard to actually know where to begin as I sit here on the last day of the year. I know we accomplished A LOT but when it’s all said and done, it’s hard to not think, did… Continue Reading “Veganville 2022”

2021 Sanctuary Happenings

Veganville welcomed five new residents in 2021 and one new resident so far in 2022! In February of last year, we received a request to take in a 4H fail project pig, Pistachio. Pistachio is a 500 pound Yorkshire pig. She was intended to be… Continue Reading “2021 Sanctuary Happenings”

Veganville 2020

2020 has been a strange year for all of us humans. That said, the only thing amiss to the animals of Veganville this year has been less visitors. For a sanctuary who’s mission is to not only rescue farmed animals, we are also a… Continue Reading “Veganville 2020”

2019-The Year of Progress @VeganvilleOregon

Wow! I just can’t believe how much progress was made this year on Veganville! With eleven wild lush acres purchased in the North Oregon Coastal Mountain region in 2016, the task of getting it under control and ready for animals was a bit overwhelming.… Continue Reading “2019-The Year of Progress @VeganvilleOregon”

Veganville Welcomes “The Weasleys”

Veganville was able to fund-raise in 2019 for a sheep and goat barn which was constructed in late November. We were able to then rescue Fred a female Suffolk Ewe and a couple of baby 5 month old Nigerian Dwarf Goats, George and Ron.… Continue Reading “Veganville Welcomes “The Weasleys””

Welcome Zeus & Demeter!

In September of this year, Veganville was able to take in a gorgeous gamecock who was rescued from a cock fighting bust. He had spent most of his life in isolation from other chickens. When he arrived, he just seemed so lonely. It was… Continue Reading “Welcome Zeus & Demeter!”

One More Pig!

We got a call in summer of 2019 from the county animal control regarding a pig left abandoned and neglected on a local property. At the time, we did not have room for an additional pig but a very nice couple nearby agreed to… Continue Reading “One More Pig!”

Welcome Paris and Pascal!

In February, Veganville welcomed two more beautiful pigs Paris and Pascal. They are sister guinea hog pot belly mixes. They are both so sweet and calm and settling in nicely at Veganville. Paris and Pascal came from a backyard breeding operation and were originally… Continue Reading “Welcome Paris and Pascal!”

Veganville Welcomes Pierre and Penny!

Veganville welcomed Pierre and Penny in December 2018! Penny and Pierre were rescued from being slaughtered by a compassionate couple in Warrenton, Oregon. They were kind enough to take Penny and Pierre in and care for them until we had our enclosure completed. Penny… Continue Reading “Veganville Welcomes Pierre and Penny!”

First Permanent Enclosure Complete!

We are so excited to announce that our first permanent enclosure was completed in November 2018! The 1/2 acre enclosure is full of lush green pasture and is currently home to our rescue pigs. We are hoping to begin building a goat and sheep… Continue Reading “First Permanent Enclosure Complete!”