Veganville (No) Meat & Greet

Just a few weeks in the area and we are thrilled at the amount of support Veganville has received from the Portland community.  We hosted our first event on Sunday June 26th to give the community a chance to come and meet us and answer questions about our vision of becoming a farm animal sanctuary and eco-village as well as our time line of how to get that started.

V'Ville MNG.jpg

  • February 2016-Veganville articles of Incorporation are approved by the state of California.
  • June 2016-Veganville property is purchased
  • June 2016-Meet and Greet
  • June 2016-1023 paperwork submitted to the IRS for Non Profit Status
  • June 2016-Work Party
  • July 2016-Animal Rescue and Campground permits to be submitted to the county of Clatsop
  • July 2016-Veganville Potluck on the property
  • August 2016-Camp Out on Property
  • June 2017-Veganville Grand Opening to the public

In order for us to accomplish this, we ask for anyone who is able, to volunteer their time out on the property to help build enclosures, create gardens and general property clean up. Message us if you’re interested in coordinating your availability. Other ways to help is to donate any new or used garden/farm supplies and equipment. Message us if you’d like to coordinate a drop off time.  We currently have a wish list on Amazon along with a gofundme for anyone interested in helping in those ways as well.  Sharing our Facebook page, website, events, blogs and pictures are always very helpful too!


Thank you again to everyone who came out to the event!  It was incredible to meet you and share our dream with you all!  Stay tuned…



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