Happy New Year from Veganville!

2016 being our first year as an organization, we have come a long way!  We filed for our Articles of Incorporation, purchased our property, networked in the community, applied for our non-profit status, had some events on the property and worked really hard on getting this property ready for animal rescues.  We are really looking forward to 2017 and our hopes of opening to the public this summer.


We had an opportunity to rescue a couple of unwanted donkeys from a local farm but they were given away before we were ready for them.  The same farm is looking for a home for two llamas currently.  This property does not have safe enclosures for animals yet but we are working on an enclosure for the llamas or cows and a chicken coop.


Please stay tuned for upcoming work parties and events on the farm.  If anyone is interested in coming to look at the property, please contact us at contact@veganvilleoregon.com

We are going to really need the support of the community this year to get us up and running in 2017.  We are so looking forward to what the coming year has in store for us!

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