Welcome Paris and Pascal!

In February, Veganville welcomed two more beautiful pigs Paris and Pascal. They are sister guinea hog pot belly mixes. They are both so sweet and calm and settling in nicely at Veganville.


Paris and Pascal came from a backyard breeding operation and were originally rescued and rehabilitated by Refarm Sanctuary. They were both in pretty bad shape from neglect they endured at the breeding operation but are healthy and happy now as they are now in their forever home. The girls have been spayed and vet cleared by our friends at Odd Man Inn.

Paris and Pascal
Paris (Left) Pascal (Right)

We have some wonderful Animal Sanctuaries in the area that work together for the sake of the animals and we are so honored and touched by the collaboration in getting these girls here.

With six pigs in total now at Veganville, we are now focusing on building a barn for goats, sheep and llamas. We are hoping that project starts this year.


Charitable Donations

You can help with the care of our rescue pigs.


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