Veganville’s First Residents Arrive!

It has been two years of getting to know the property, budgeting, taking donations, selling merchandise, planning and researching. We are so excited to announce that we have our first animal residents on Veganville!!!  Over these past few years, one of the most asked questions I have received is when Veganville will have animals.  I have worked on enough sanctuaries over the years to know how important it is to be ready financially and physically before committing to the care of animal rescues.

Veganville was a blank slate of a property when I arrived in May of 2016.  It’s a wild and rustic piece of property and there were no safe enclosures built.  Winters are rough and I spent the first winter being warmed by wood only heat, busted pipes, broken appliances, snow tires and power outages while balancing single parenting to my six year old son and a 45 minute commute to a full time job.

I’m a master planner and problem solver and thrive in challenging situations but boy was that first winter hard.  It took two years to get adjusted to our new lives on the farm and to really get to know the land.  Thank you to everyone who has come out these past few years and helped on the property and thank you to everyone abroad for donating or buying merchandise.  Your support helped us welcome two beautiful pigs in late April, Petunia and Peaches.

Peaches (Left) and Petunia (Right)

Petunia, a Potbelly Pig, was abandoned by her family when we was about one year of age. She found a loving and caring home for the next four years. Though the family cared for her well being, they were on the lookout for a more permanent home for her. She arrived to Veganville on April 29th 2018 at the age of five. She is very vocal and spunky. She loves eating apples, tummy rubs and nesting in lots of straw. We are so happy to have her.


Peaches was rescued by the same family from being sold for meat. Peaches is a ten  month old KuneKune pig. She and Petunia are a bonded pair and do everything together. She is friendly, always wagging her tail and oh so clever. She loves ear rubs and bananas. She’s pure delight and adds a very special spark to the farm.


It has been recommended that the girls need to be spayed as soon as possible. Spaying female pigs is specifically important because they are endangered of health risks if kept intact. They have an extremely high chance of developing reproductive cancers, including ovarian, mammary and uterine. Intact female pigs will also be at high risk for life threatening infections such as pyometra and mastitis.

It is recommended to perform the procedure on pigs as young as three months old to reduce recovery times or complications. Peaches is ten months old and Petunia is estimated to be five years old.

Spaying pigs is a complicated surgery because of the unique anatomy of the pot bellied pig. They have miles of intestines and a uterus that’s very long because of the large number of piglets that are born at one time. There are only a few vets in Oregon that are qualified to perform this procedure and it will cost $600 per pig.

Veganville is devoted to providing the best possible care for our rescue animals and it is clear to us that this is the best thing we can do for their health in the long run. We won’t be rescuing any more animals until the girls can get the care they deserve.

Please help us raise the funding needed for their spay procedures.
Thank you and please share!

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